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Session fee is $500 and includes full makeover, glamour session, in-person proofing and ordering session, and the experience of a lifetime!

Add a sister/mom/friend for $250 and do your sessions back-to-back!

Where are the sessions held?
Our studio is in Middletown CT but we are also available for travel worldwide. Do you dream of being photographed in Paris, Milan, or Bali? We would love to make that dream come true.

Are the digital negatives available for purchase?


How soon will my photos be done?
Approximately one week. After that we will set up another session for you to proof your images and place your order.

Do you take credit cards?

How far in advance should I book my session?
We book up very fast, often months in advance, so we encourage you to book us ASAP.

What should I do about hair? The kind that's not on my head...
Please remove it. Hair is very difficult to get rid of, so we ask that you get a good wax the day or two leading up to your session. if you have sensitive skin, please keep that in mind when scheduling your waxing appointment. if you prefer not to wax, shave really well the morning of your session.

Do I have to hire a hair and makeup artist?
Nope. We provide your full makeover with only the best makeup artists and hair stylist.

When is payment due?
Your full session fee is due upon booking, which will secure your date and time.

How many outfits can I bring?
There is no limit!! But we recommend 4-5. :) Upon booking you'll receive a link to an interactive website with all the information on what to bring

Should I go tanning before my shoot?
No, no and NO. Seriously. I know you want that sun-kissed golden look that rivals Kim Kardashian but tanning looks REALLY orange (or RED!) in the camera and is very difficult for us to tone down. Do yourself a favor and use sunscreen to avoid tanning 2 weeks prior to your session. And please, please, trust me on this one!

Can I bring a friend?
I am absolutely fine with a friend coming with! I actually encourage you to talk your friend into booking a glamour session that day as well. It's always a lot more fun when friends are right there with you doing the same thing. However, our studios are strictly females-only so the gentlemen are kindly requested to stay at home.

What should I expect during my session?
It is very common for women to feel a little nervous about the session, and don't worry, it's completely normal.! You will be raving about how much fun you had by the end, I promise! When you first arrive, we will spend time just chatting, hanging out and looking through your outfits. I will show you some of my fabulous products. I also use this time to really dive into learning about YOU and why you chose to do this session, etc. You will then sit down for your makeover, which is one of the best parts of the experience. Once we have the wardrobe lined up, we ease into the session.

What if I'm not as skinny as I planned or I feel puffy on the day of my shoot?
I believe there is an authentic and honest beauty to every woman who walks into my studio. Regardless of how you feel before you walk in, I promise you will feel 100% sexy by the time you walk out! And when you see the photos, well, you'll just have to wait and see! During your session I will be guiding you to get the most flattering angles and poses for your individual body type. I'll also take care of the small stuff from the cosmetic touchups to the cellulite, and minimizing any other areas you feel self-conscious about during post processing. So really don't stress yourself out about it, you are going to look amazing when I'm done with you!

What is your cancellation policy?
Once you have paid your retainer, it is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, you must do it at least 1 week before your session, otherwise your retainer fee is forfeited.

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